Is a gluten free diet harming your health?

Is a gluten free diet harming your health?
Growing availability of testing uncovers more people each day that have gluten intolerance. For them, gluten free must become a way of life. It’s likely that some of people are struggle with undiagnosed gluten intolerance as well. But while many transition to a gluten free life to reduce symptoms, they often adopt some bad gluten free habits. A gluten free diet doesn’t always equal healthy.

Having recently been diagnosed with gluten intolerance I can relate to this.

What is Gluten Intolerance?

Those with gluten intolerance have a difficult time digesting the protein Gliadin. Gliadin can be found in most grains. The inability to digest gliadin properly causes a wide variety of symptoms. It also results in immune reactions throughout the body. Gluten intolerance has also been linked to autoimmune disease.

A Gluten Free Diet is Not Always Healthy

Today’s modern diet typically contains a large amount of foods that contain gluten. While switching to a gluten free diet, many simply swap out highly processed gluten filled foods for gluten free ones. Eliminating the gluten that causes problems in their body is good. But eating highly processed foods with high amounts of refined sugar and carbohydrates should be avoided. These foods cause blood sugar fluctuation and promote disease just like their gluten filled cousins. “A gluten free sugar laden cake , is just a cake without gluten’


Food manufacturers have jumped on the gluten free bandwagon. Gluten free foods have become big business. Just go to your local grocery store and you’ll see plenty of highly processed, unhealthy gluten free foods.

The Simplicity of a Healthy Gluten Free Diet

A healthy diet includes plenty of natural whole foods such as meat, fruit and vegetables. People have consumed these foods for millions of years. These foods also help to rebuild good health. And none of these foods contain gluten, which helps those avoiding it.

A Change in Diet Can Be Healthy

Many face challenging emotions when having to eliminate gluten from their diet. Completely changing how they eat and giving up favourite foods can be a struggle. But moving away from gluten and highly processed gluten free products can lead to a much better quality of life.


Most people with gluten intolerance don’t feel good. Many have come to accept it as normal. But by choosing a healthy, whole food, gluten free diet, they often eliminate digestive discomfort, fatigue, mood problems and skin issues and much more.. And they may even reverse disease. Following a healthy gluten free diet based on natural whole foods increases their chances of being active, pain free and disease free well into their old age.

Choosing the healthy diet

Awareness of gluten intolerance spreads more each day. With it comes even more gluten free alternatives to popular processed foods. I try to educate my clients about the dangers of these foods. And encourage them to opt for a diet filled with gluten free, natural whole foods and help them to rebuild their health and thrive

I recommend a gluten free diet to clients that are struggling with infertility, especially if they have endometriosis, Polycystic ovarian syndrome, thyroid problems or any type of autoimmune issue