So You are thinking about doing IVF

So You are thinking about doing IVF or You have been told you need to do IVF!

So first and foremost if someone has told you that you should think about IVF or the IVF doctor told you should be thinking about IVF, I want you to think about these four things first:

One – Have you given yourself enough time to prepare your body? So by that I mean I believe, and the research shows that you need at least three months to prepare your body to be successful with any fertility procedure that you’re going to do. Follicular genesis, the process in which your body chooses a good quality egg to use during any given cycle, takes a minimum of three months, if not more; and the same thing for sperm, spermatogenesis is the same. So we need to give ourselves some time and some space to improve our health, to improve the quality of our uterus, our lining, our ovaries, our eggs and our sperm so that way when it’s time to go through that procedure you’re in a much better place to go through that if that’s the direction you go. But hopefully in those three, maybe more months that you’re using to prepare yourself, you actually get pregnant.

Two – Relationships. Have you and your partner discussed this? Are you both on the same page? I cannot tell you how often I hear that “My partner’s not quite ready to go through with it but I want to so that’s what we’re going to do…” so on, whatever it might be. You both need to be on the same page. I have seen way too many divorces because of IVF treatments and fertility journeys that I want that to end, and the one way that I believe that’s going to end is by being on the same page and communicating. So make sure that you talk with your partner, that your relationship is strong and the foundation is strong and that you both are moving forward in the same direction, in the same time frame that you want.

Three – Have you gotten a second opinion? Just because you walked into the IVF clinic and they said you need an IVF doesn’t mean that’s what you need. That’s the business they’re in is IVF, that’s what they believe is the only option that’s going to get you pregnant so that’s typically what they recommend. So I wouldn’t expect to go to an IVF clinic and be told that you should go home and try naturally, not to say that I haven’t heard that being suggested, but that’s not typically the answer that you’re going to get. So if you want a second opinion and a different perspective you need to speak to someone who works in a different paradigm. So I suggest you get a second opinion from somebody else, from another fertility specialist, see what they think, see what their thoughts are and what direction they think that you can go, and listen to their recommendations.

Finally Four – Have you actually tried naturally for enough time to give yourself the ability to see if you’re able to get pregnant doing that? I work with patients naturally all the time and I see magical things happen. If you give yourself the space and you have the plan, and you have the right guidance, I believe that you can achieve it, and I think that way too many couples end up going through IVF when they don’t need it.

An option that many of my patients have chosen is to take a minimum of three months to prepare their body and that of their partners for IVF should they have to go through IVF and make it the most successful it can be. You never know you may not need that IVF after doing your preparation. If would like to speak to me contact me at or 07949407336

Article from The fertility expert